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Environmental protection and energy conservation reconstruction of Magnesia carbon brick product line

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Environmental protection and energy conservation reconstruction of Magnesia carbon brick product line


We had reconstruct the original magnesia carbon brick product line as a energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection "green" automatic production line: (1) improvement of dust-removal system; (2) replacement of the old sand mill; (3) automatic mould equipment and mixing equipment is introduced; (4) reconstruction of the automatic molding of existing friction brick molding press; (5) reconstruction of original factory building and supporting facilities (Storeroom and drying kiln, kiln car and more).


Magnesia dolomite or low carbon and ultra-low carbon brick produced by our factory is not only fine in quality of product, it can also clean the molten steel and reduce the pollution with features such as oxidation resistance, shock resistance, slag corrosion resistance, safety, environmental protection and more. It is in the leading position of colleague industry; reaches the leading level at home and enjoys high favor both abroad and. home. It can not only occupy the advantage position in the home market competition, but also participate in international competition. Many times of batch tests are performed in Chinese big steel mill, according to user's needs, the product can meet 110 times of ladle life; Surely it can reaches the maximal operation record in steel mills of life of ladle. For the moment, Beside Chinese domestic large and middle steel enterprises. The low carbon and ultra-low carbon brick are also exported toJapan,GermanyandKorea,Ukraineand other countries.

Through reconstruction, the company can reduce the cost by RMB 4 million. This project adapts to development trend of refractory material to environmental protection, energy conservation and mission reduction direction and greatly promotes automation degree of enterprise and saves the work force, which is useful for enterprise to promote the product into the market, to expand market share of group product and to improve market competition and economic benefit.






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