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Research on manufacturing technique & Optimization of performance to improvement of Magnesia Carbon Bricks

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Research on manufacturing technique & Optimization of performance to improvement of Magnesia Carbon Bricks


Magnesia Carbon Brick is good refractory material. Widely used in electric steelmaking, converter refinery furnace of Steel industry, magnesia carbon brick’s performance become higher. Research processing innovation property improvement Magnesia Carbon Bricks to improve all type of bricks,  The first to experiment at factory processing innovation property improvement, according Magnesia Carbon Brick’s performance were researched consisting particle size distribution, optimizing pressing, adjusting dosage Magnesia Carbon adding solid binder power process innovation Magnesia Carbon Brick surveying significant measurements like bulk density, cold crushing strength and high temperature bending strength. To study Magnesia carbon brick by optical microscopy scanning electron microscopy then explain the macro-laws in adjustment. Magnesia carbon brick commonly used metallic simple substance antioxidants anti-oxygen icproperty. oxidation resistance refractories containing carbon, Al could improve anti-oxygen icproperty best, magnesia carbon brick contain only Al have serious hydration resistance. Adding mass ratio can keep anti-oxygen icproperty reduce hydration resistance. magnesia carbon brick anti-oxygen icproperty slag resistance can raised several times. Structural features B4C powder reacted form magnesium borate which can prevent oxygen intrude into internal structure of Magnesia Carbon Bricks. Al vacuum sintering & vacuum sintering furnace at experiment can reduce carbon which carbon loss specimens adding Al 50%~60% (1500, 6h). The carbon became graphitic carbon resist oxidation. SiC which reacted MgO formed magnesium aluminate spinel protective layer prevents oxidation further. Thus the service life of brick and furnace are effectively improved as result.



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